Learn to create beautiful designs and share your knowledge with others

Visitors are welcome at all classes to see the instructors and members at work and are welcome to apply to join.

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Here are our contact details

If you are interested in our club, here are some ways you can contact us.

Secretary: secretary@ndlapidary.org.au

Phone: 02 9484 0014 (during class times)

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NDLC Exhibition and Competiton 2024

The ‘Competition Section’ in the “Members’ Page” item 10 has been updated with all the latest documentation for the October 2024 Competition.

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External Services

The NDLC is proudly non-commercial and hence does not provide services to non-members. Read more to find out what we do not allow.

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All Covid 19 Restrictions Removed from the Club

In the May general meeting, the Members approved / confirmed the committee’s recommendation / motion with great majority.

Hence, effective immediately:

  • The NDLC Covid 19 Safe Plan (Rev. 10) is declared redundant.
  • All Covid 19 restrictions at the Club, including the requirement to be vaccinated, are lifted.
  • All Covid 19 notices and references (other than this announcement) will be removed from the Club rooms.

If any member still wishes to maintain distance, wear a mask, use a hand sanitiser and spray the worktables and other items, etc., they are welcome to do so.

But note that there will be no enforcement at the Club anymore.

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