Here is an overview on the standards of instruction and options open to new members

This page is aimed at new starters in the field of Lapidary and associated skills.

Rate of Progress

We hope to inspire people to approach the field of Lapidary and associated skills with a desire to learn a broad range of skills and to practice at a standard that they will be proud of, particularly in producing high quality work, while maintaining reasonable expectations of rate of progress.

Please note that different people will progress at different rates.

Choice of Standard

NDLC is committed to teaching to a standard sufficient to compete in competition, up to national standard if the member desires, or to practice competently if they do not desire to enter competition.

Level of Instructors

Club instructors and club management committee and membership include some members who rank as some of the best in the country, with a great history of achievement in national competition, as well as a relatively large number of qualified judges in relevant disciplines.

The Skill of Lapidary and Related Crafts

Lapidary and jewellery arts are similar to work skills and sporting competencies. They require practice, time and dedication to develop competence. A passion for personal excellence helps. The best aspect of club membership is that you are with with others who understand your passion for gems and the jewellery arts.

Club Motto

Our club’s motto is “Share Your Knowledge”. This, combined with the skill base already mentioned as existing within our dub, will ensure that you are taught to a recognised standard. It will also ensure that you get maximum enjoyment from your craft in the club’s friendly, social atmosphere during your learning.


NDLC will make you aware of the safety aspects of the skills you learn while encouraging you to practice to your optimum performance.

Additional or Alternate study Options

The lapidary and associated arts taught at NDLC by its voluntary instructors, are also taught by evening colleges, TAFE colleges as professional courses (both full and part time), and as aspects of university degrees in Fine Arts and Materials Technologies courses at Diploma and Degree levels.

Best wishes in attaining the skills you desire!


Membership Fees

(The year is 1st July to 30th June, so if you join after Jan 1st only half the annual fee is charged.)
Member (Age 18 and above) $ 25.00 joining and $ 22.00 per year
Junior Member (Age 9 to 17) $10.00 joining and $11.00 per year

Class Fees

(In addition to the basic annual membership fee, members may enrol in one or more classes during the year. You only pay for the classes you choose to enrol in.)
Class fee $ 30.00 per term (school term) per class
Casual use of machinery 5.00 per attendance

Our Facilities

Our club rooms and a well equipped workshop are located in the Beecroft Community Centre. The Centre is on the corner of Beecroft and Copeland Roads, Beecroft. The entrance to our Club is on the railway (east) side of the building.

Our Meetings

We have a general meeting of members on the second Tuesday or Saturday of each month (except January). See our Dates of Interest page for details of our next meeting. We are always pleased to welcome visitors. We normally have a speaker to give an interesting talk and finish the meeting with a light supper. Social evenings and fossicking trips are an important part of our Club’s activities. We also have Committee meetings each month and you are most welcome to offer to become involved in helping run the club, if you are interested in such a role.

Our Club is run by its Members who freely give a lot of their time so that we can operate effectively and economically. Without that input, we could not maintain our low fee system for classes.

The Club is not a commercial body and Members are not permitted to use its facilities or equipment for personal gain or profit.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please come to one of the classes listed above and talk to the instructor at that class or contact us by phone or email. Club Rooms 02 9484 0014 (during class times) or Emails can be sent to our Secretary at

New Membership Application

Club Information Sheet 2023

Membership Renewal 2023-2024

We hope that you will join our Club, participating in the Club’s activities and follow our Club Motto “Share Your Knowledge”.