News from our recent Wire Wrapping Workshop

There were 5 participants in our first wire wrapping class of 2012. In just a few industrious hours all of us created a wrapped or caged cabochon ready to attach to a chain or brooch mount.

We used stirling silver square wire as the body wires which support the stone and a half round stirling silver wire as the wrapping wire.

The wrapping wires support and bind the square body wires.

A previously prepared pair of flat nosed pliers was used to form the wrapping wire around the square wires to hold them in place.

Specially angled bends in the square wires formed part of the cage and all the wires were then tied together at the top with more half round wrapping wire to then form a bale at the top of our stone.

Elaborate wire designs were then a choice to finish and embellish the bale.

Our thanks go to our instructor, Prof Lyn Bridson and also to Barbara and Tony.